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Excursion to Samaria Gorge


Maleme Travel Guide recommends: "One day trip to Samaria Gorge". The information is provided by Splendor Holidays and you can book a ticket by visiting the Splendor Holidays page for Samaria Gorge tour.

Samaria the Gates


The gorge of Samaria is the biggest one in Europe. It starts from the feet of the White Mountains and it ends up to the Libyan sea at Agia Roumeli village. Its’ length is 17km. The gorge and the area surrounding it contain unique species of flora and fauna and in the gorge you will find natural springs with drinking crystal clear cold water. Also, there you can see the famous Cretan Wild Goat (Capra aegagrus creticus) or Kri Kri.

Samaria Gorge and Agioi Theodoroi Island are natural preservation parks of the Cretan Wild Goat and the two last places that this spiece exists.

The program starting from Maleme, Pyrgos Psylonerou, Gerani and Platanias.

Coach from MalemeThe bus will stop to pick you up at the meeting points in Maleme at 05:30 in the morning. Then, we go to Chania town for a short stop of 10 mins. At 06:00 the journey begins! First, we drive all the way up to Omalos village. In the bus there will be a tour guide who will provide you useful information about the place, the history, the formation of the White Mountains, the flora, the fauna and of course some tips for the safety and the regulations inside the gorge. At 07:45 we have approached Omalos village and we do a stop to a taverna where you can buy something to eat or even have a complete breakfast.
 At 08:15 we arrive to xyloskalo and before we enter the gorge the tour guide sets the time and the meeting point in the village of Agia Roumeli. After we enter the gorge It will take us between 5-6 hrs to walk all the way to the end of it. When we all meet again we embark in the boat and at 17:30 we depart for Sfakia or Sougia (depend on the weather conditions of the sea). At Sfakia we enter the bus and we return home.


*The excursion to Samaria is every day except Monday and Sunday.

Prices Bus  Ticket Samaria Entrance Boat Ticket
Adults 28€ 5€ 10€
Teenagers 12-15yrs
Children 6-12yrs 14€ Free 5€


 All the stops from Chania to Kolymbari

Chania- Golden Beach- Agioi Apostoloi- Daratso- Kalamaki- Stalos- Agia Marina- Platanias- Gerani- Pyrgos Psylonerou- Maleme- Tavronitis- Rapaniana- Kolymbari.


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