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Height-Hill 107 Maleme


Height 107 at Kaukales Hill in Maleme

Maleme Chania 107Height 107 is located at Kaukales hill in Maleme village. During the Second World War that spot was of great importance. Whoever controlled the "107 Height" controlled the airport of Maleme and the area surrounding it. When the Germans took over the spot actually they took over the whole island of Crete. The view from there is magnificient and next to the cross is the graphic church made of stone of Agiou Konstantinou (Saint Constantine).

German_Cemetery_Maleme_Crete_-_2How to get there: First of all you must be on the old national road Chania-Kissamos (the main road of Maleme). 1) Direction Maleme to Kolympari, after you pass the Hotel Mikes on the main road of Maleme it is the first street on the left, you will see also Sunny Suites hotel at the corner, drive south for about 500 meters and then you will see a sign saying German War Cemetery there continue straight (do not turn right) after 1.5 km you will see a sign saying Vlacheronitissa, 300 meters after you pass the sign there is a road delta, turn right and after a while you are there. 2) Direction from Kolympari to Maleme, after you pass Maleme airport you will see a blue EKO gas station after the EKO it is the Sunny Suites hotel, over there turn right and follow the road as described above.

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