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Minoan Tomp in Maleme




Late Minoan Tholos Tomb

Tholos Tomp Maleme MinoanThe tomb was randomly discovered in the beginning of the 20th century. It is a remarkable built tomb of the late Minoan period. The burial chamber is 4 meters height, has a square floor plan and resulted in a pyramid roof. To enter the tomb you walk a passing of 14 meters with walls of lined rough stones and a reddish coating used to cover the floor. The entrance is 2 meter height and 1.6 meter width. Though, many findings were stolen when the tomb discovered, several shells and two seals have been found. The one seal was of cooper and the other from agate depicting a deer.

In 1944 the tomb was bombed and that partially collapsed the roof and filled the chamber with dirt. In 1966 the tomb was excavated by the Superintended of Antiquities K. Davaras and in 1970 the restoration work started.The tomb is situated 17 km west of Chania, on the hill Kafkala.

Minoan_Tomb_MalemeHow to get there: First of all you must be on the old national road Chania-Kissamos (the main road of Maleme). 1) Direction from Maleme to Kolympari, after you pass the Hotel Mikes on the main road of Maleme it is the first street on the left, you will see also Sunny Suites hotel at the corner, drive south for about 500 meters and the you will see a sign saying German War Cemetery at right follow the road and after 700m you will find it. 2) Direction from Kolympari to Maleme, after you pass Maleme airport you will see a blue EKO gas station after the EKO it is the Sunny Suites hotel, over there turn right and follow the road as described above. The road to Minoan Tomb is the same with the road to the German Cemetery. Important, you can visit the Tomp all year round.

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