Sea Turtle Caretta

Sea Turtle Caretta Caretta in Chania Crete

Maleme Crete Travel Guide

Find the sea turtle Caretta - Caretta near to the beach of Maleme!

There are 7 sea turtle species, three of them exist in the Mediterranean Sea (Caretta caretta, Chelonia mydas and Dermochelys coriacea). From these three only Caretta- Caretta spawns in Greece. The most important spawning areas are Zakynthos, Pelloponisos and Crete. In Crete, Caretta Caretta spawns in Rethymno, Messara and Chania gulf.The sea turtle Caretta spawns every 2 with 4 years, during the breeding period the sea turtle leaves the water and goes to sandy beaches to find a spot to make its nests. When it finds it, it starts making a hole (the egg chamber) where it will place its eggs. Usually the turtles make up to 4 nests and spawn up to 120 eggs. The eggs hatch after 7 to 10 weeks, immediately the new born turtles start their climbing to the surface which can last up to 4 days. When they reach the surface they wait until night which the sand is cooler and then they run towards the sea guided from the star lights.

For the protection of the sea turtle there is in the area the association Archelon. Archelon is a nonprofit association and in cooperation with local businesses and local authorities protects the breeding of sea turtles and informs the public about the importance of it.

Maleme Crete Travel Guide

What you should do when you are at the beach!

  • Do not throw litters or any other objects on the sand.
  • Avoid driving vehicles on the beach.
  • Avoid throw plastics or nylons in the sea. They get confused and swallowed them as they think that they are jellyfishes which are their primary food. This can cause death to the sea turtles.
  • If you see a newborn baby turtle do not touch it, it is important that they reach the sea on their own.
  • Turn off or cover the lights that can be seeing from the beach. Turtles often confuse these lights with the star lights.
  • Do not dig the nests.
  • In the beach you may see several measures for the protection of the nests. Do not move or interfere these measures.
  • Avoid starting fires at the beach at night near to the nests.
  • If you find an injured or dead sea turtle contact with the Archelon association at +30 210 8944 444.

For more information about the sea turtle Caretta Caretta and the action of the organization in Chania visit the official website of Archelon.