Bike Tour

Bike Tour to Drakiana Park

Rent an electric quad bicycle and ride from Platanias to Drakiana Park. Enjoy the view and the sightseeings and have fun with one of these bikes.The trip is approximately one and half hour and the distance to Drakiana is 6 kms.During the way you will be able to see the wild nature of Platanias and also many agricultural fields of local farmers. Also, you can stop to the small church of Agiou Georgiou and at Drakiana Park there are picninc benches and tables where you can sit and relax by the river.

Electric motor assistance Bikes!

The bikes are for two or four persons and every person have pedals. An electric assistance motor is connected with the driver’s pedals which makes it riding it very easy and relaxed!

Bike type Duration Route
2 Seats 1.5 hour Platanias- Drakiana
4 Seats 1.5 hour Platanias- Drakiana
Bike Tour to Drakiana Park

Fun for everyone!

Have fun with friends or family and enjoy the countryside of Platanias! The electric assistance motor makes the trip relaxed and for everyone!

To book your bike you can visit our office in Platanias. Our office is open from 08:00 in the morning till 21:00 at night. Alternatively, you can make a reservation by phone. The contact number is +30-28210-68782.

The trip starts from the Parking area of Turtle Bikes which is behind the main road of Platanias.